The Training

Who: Anyone who is interested in deepening the understanding of the Megaformer method, how to teach and conducting a class.

What: A weekend full of all things teaching and Megaformer. The weekend begins by going through every move this method has to offer, and by Sunday you  will be teaching a full class on the mic!

After the weekend is complete you will be required to get 20 practice hours, 20 teaching hours and 20 observation hours. Once complete you will have a chance to join the team! 

When: Friday June 2nd to Sunday June 4th 

Where: 2921 Devine Street Columbia SC 29205 

Why: If you have been interested in becoming part of The Team, or just going deep on the moves & how to get the most out of your workout, or maybe just playing with the idea of teaching, this weekend is for you! It's challenging but so fulfilling. 

How to apply: Send us an email to apply! Briefly tell us your why behind participating in the training. Email

 The training is limited to only a few participants so we can give everyone the attention they need. If this interests you, email us to apply today! 

More questions?! Email us: